Edouard Vuillard french, 1868–1940

Lucie Hessel at La Montagne with Annette and Jacques (Niece and nephew of the artist)

1903 Pastel and pencil on paper 7 3 ⁄ 8 x 5 in. ( 19 x 13 cm) Stamped lower right

provenance: Private Collection, Paris.

This is a preparatory drawing for Madame Hessel at La Montagne with Jacques and Annette (VII- 139 , whereabouts unknown). Ker Xavier and Marie moved their family to a house in Etang- la-Ville, a small town near Versailles, which they called La Montagne. In this image, Mme. Hessel is with the Roussel’s children Annette and Jacques.

Vuillard, Lucie Hessel à La Montagne avec Annette et Jacques , 1903 , oil on board, 22 x 21½ in. ( 56 x 54 . 5 cm), location unknown (VII- 139 )

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